Glass Company Website Tips

Glass company website for replacement company

Building websites for glass companies is easy, but ranking them high on google is very tough. There is a lot of competition for the top ranked keywords. Sites that have been around a long time and are mobile optimized with https SSL will have a good chance to rank in the top. Other key things glass company owners will need to understand is backlinks. If you look at all the top ranked glass company websites you’ll see they have many other websites linking to them. As well as backlinks you’ll notice their on-page SEO. They will have lots of keywords in their titles, headings and important part of their text on the page.

Glass replacement in Phoenix websites

When we look at the top ranked glass companies in Phoenix we will see that Valleywide Glass ranks very well. Not only has their site been active for many years but they have a lot text and images. All of the images have alt text with keywords relating to what the picture is. When you have text and images related to glass and patio door replacement keywords this will help them rank high for those search queries. Check out their website and look at all of their pages and text. Valleywide Glass – Commercial Glass Replacement.

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